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Information Dense Content and Research Assistance. Bitcoin, Blockchain, Development, Decentralized-Identity, Cryptography, Data Science, Programming, SEO, Cryptocurrency, Related Tech-Trends and History.

Information Discovery

I’m primarily interested in Bitcoin, decentralized identity, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, programming and related subjects—including data science, quantum computing, and other tech trends. When learning a new subject, I like to begin with a thorough examination of its history. When working with complex subjects, I have a tendency to collect and organize a large assortment of resources related to it.

At this point I can afford to be interested in what people will pay me to write about, but am grateful to have a certain amount of creative liberty with the blogs I write for and

Ultimately, I have plenty of interesting personal projects, and put a lot of effort into everything I work on. So while I’m open to opportunities, the number of clients I’m available to work with is limited.

Do contact me if you need content or information related to Self-Sovereign, Blockchain, and Decentralized Identity. (See /awesome-decentralized-id and Hyperledger Indy—Decentralized Identity)

I’m also very interested in creating a series of blog posts about the history surrounding Bitcoin, and would love to find a client that wants that on their website.

My aim: Create content of the highest quality, relating complex subjects in a concise fashion—supplying essential details, with quality resources for additional study.



Research Repositories

Organizing information in github repositories is a form of systematic study, and helpful for content creation.

Freelance Writing Portfolio —Blockchain Blog

Blockchain Developing— Public and Private Blockchain— Crypto History.

CSB Tech Emporium —Tech-Blog

Web Development, Blockchain, Data Science, AI, VR…