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Bitcoin History - Smart Contracts

From Szabo and E Lang - to Ethereum, the DAO, Smart Signatures, and the Cambrian Explosion.

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Open Source Identity Solutions

SSI-DID Github Repositories

A start at listing all DID-SSI related GitHub Repositories.

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GHPages Starter Pack

GitHub Pages Starter Pack

Publishing a Website via GitHub pages is free, and easy. Everything you need to get going in one place + extended resources.

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Recent posts

InfoHub Transformed

1 minute read

For ease of navigation, enhanced growth potential, and in support of their original collaborative intent, I have split my github repositories into 4 organiza...

It’s Not About Me

8 minute read

There are so many opportunities in tech. I’ve only spent the last year really dedicated to learning blockchain deeply, with the intent to cultivate a well-ro...

1 minute read

I started this journey trying to figure out how to earn online. While that’s still a big part of it, I’m realizing that I just need to keep learning digital ...

Learn Crypto Trading

less than 1 minute read

I got into the idea of learning to trade cryptocurrency over the winter. Instead, I learned to create websites via github pages, but this resource is my fast...

DIDecentral - Identity Decentralized

1 minute read

Recently, the rise of Bitcoin brought new life to the quest for a decentralized - vendor agnostic - identity layer for the internet, that began during the ea...


1 minute read

Saving valuable information, in an increasingly organized discord server with 170+ channels with links organized by topic.

Freelance Writing Portfolio

less than 1 minute read

Examples of my writing related to Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Decentralized Identity, and Crypto Fundamentals.

cypherpunk essentials

Using PGP, Escrow, and Cryptocurrency Keysignatures

Asymmetric Encryption: Phil Zimmerman, PGP, Bitcoin and Ethereum key-signatures, Escrow, SSL, Various Apps and Resourses.

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Digital Rare

Rare Pepe - Bitcoin History

Starting in October 2014, users on the /r9k/ (robot9000) board on 4chan began referring to original illustrations and photoshops of Pepe the Frog as ‘Rare Pepes’; sharing the ‘rare’ images of Pepe as if they were trading cards, some of which were posted with watermarks to retain their value.

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100s of Free SEO Tools

An Open-Source Directory of mostly free SEO Tools.

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