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Danube Tech must be the longest running firm working towards user-owned and controlled internet identity.

  • Danube Tech — digital identity and personal data, including personal agents, semantic graphs, and blockchain (xdi) (navigator)



  • member of Sovrin and Decentralized Identity foundations

Markus Sabadello (Peacekeeper) [T] [G] [B] has been working on XDI personal data stores since as early as 2010.

This is an open-source project offering software for identity and personal data services on the Internet. The core of this project is an XDI-based Personal Data Store - a semantic database for your personal data, which always remains under your control. Applications on top of this database include the Federated Social Web, the selective sharing of personal data with organizations, and much more.

  • A position paper on blockchain enabled identity and the road ahead—Identity Working Group of the German Blockchain Association [ϟ]

    In a SSI proof-of-concept during the first half of 2018, 3 banks, an insurance company, the Austrian Post, and an institution representing notaries has cooperated to implement a range of use cases based on DIDs, Verifiable Credentials, Sovrin, and the XDI protocol. The use cases included:

    • digital ID onboarding for existing clients,
    • SSO for new clients,
    • sharing of KYC data between organizations,
    • dynamic data verification (change-of-address),
    • secure communication (e-mail with ID confirmation),
    • change of identity service providers,
    • personal ID verification in a peer-to-peer marketplace

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XDI is a non-profit public trust organization whose purpose is to provide public infrastructure for digital identity, security, and privacy using the open standard XDI semantic data interchange protocol developed by the OASIS XDI Technical Committee.

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