Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Literature associated with the Fundamentals of Self-Sovereign Identity.

This directory was born from /WebOfTrustInfo/self-sovereign-identity, the original SSI repository.

The reason I got started on this is because I wanted to write an article about SSI, and saw some areas where I could help with some of the legwork towards a more complete, and up-to-date set of SSI literature.

In my opinion, the best overall article on the subject is still Christopher Allen’s rallying cry: The Path to Self-Sovereign Identity. Christopher did an outstanding job of outlining the history of internet identity standards, and introduces 10 Principles of Self-Sovereign Identity, currently in revision.

However, considerable additional material has been created on the subject since then, including some helpful criticism on the principles. I’ve organized some of my initial thoughts in evolution-of-ssi.

Then I realized that I should make a more complete survey of the subject, if I want to be thorough. So now I’m collecting as much SSI info as I can, and organizing it here. Once I’ve completed a review of existing literature on the subject, I’ll put it into a google shared doc to encourage further participation.

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