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DESCRIPTION Tendermint researcher Sunny Aggarwal explains some of the architectural and design decisions behind Cosmos and Tendermint. This video provides a ...
Cosmos is generally seen as an interoperability solution, something to connect blockchains together. While it is certainly a part of what…
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You may have heard the words Cosmos, Cosmos Hub, Tendermint, and Interchain being used interchangeably in some context or the other…
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cosmos thread
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In 1982, Leslie Lamport described the problem of coming to consensus over an adversarial network. Today @cosmos test's Byzantine Fault Tolerance at an unprecedented scale with 189 nodes working to exploit cartel and censorship behavior to win the Game of Stakes.
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#Blockchain interoperability is now a reality. Cosmos calls itself “the Internet of Blockchains,” it is also the first major decentralized Proof-of-Stake networks to launch. #digitaladvisor