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"I just got robbed from the bank. They just took my stuff."
A few days ago I gave a talk at the Building on Bitcoin conference, where I unveiled Wasabi Wallet that will bring Bitcoin Privacy to a…
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Whether you’re a newfound blockchain devotee, or just want exposure to the potential upside, this guide will help get you started on the journey. Before you buy a significant amount, you’ll need to know how to keep it secure.  Traditional forms of currency, issued by...
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This #wallet claims to keep your #bitcoins safe from #hackers #fintech #Blockchain #CyberSecurity #XRP @leimer @andi_staub @AntonioSelas @JacBurnsComext @Shirastweet @ipfconline1 @HaroldSinnott @mclynd @LouisSerge @chboursin @mallys @jerome_joffre @diioannid @ahier @HIT...
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This is what your @COLDCARDwallet pack should look like. And here are some getting started instructions: https://t.co/Lr9oarqVhl
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Cryptocurrency security is a concern to anyone who has a significant amount of money in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other crypto assets. Most Bitcoin is held in either a Bitcoin wallet or a Bitcoin bank. Your Bitcoin holdings are recorded on a public ledger. You access ...
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Happy Friday! Check out the #dapps we added this week: @bitrefill - Gift cards & vouchers @compoundfinance - Earn interest on your crypto SmartDrops @trmlabs - Token airdrops @mycryptoheroes_ - Collectibles RPG @pepedapp - Dank froggy memes Get started at https://t.co/3MS...
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Coldcard is the Ultrasecure Bitcoin hardware wallet
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Introducing the 🔥👛 Burner Wallet 👛🔥 for "Ethereum in Emerging Economies - Mass adoption will start where decentralization is necessary" https://t.co/fvuHoZLhCh One phone sends DAI to another in seconds without any wallet download, seed phrase, or gas!! https://...
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There is a rather simple means to have a secure hardware wallet and it works far better than Ledger or Trezor and those sort of wallets…
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⧉infominer 23-Dec-18 05:54 AM
Every morning with my coffee I look at the top 200 BTC wallets. Every morning for the past couple of weeks now there is a lot more BTC going in than out. Today on wallets #101 - #200 there are THOUSANDS of BTC being added. Accumulation fact. 👀
⧉infominer 28-Dec-18 02:45 PM
https://media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9563-wallet_fail Hacking the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets In this presentation we will take a look at how to brea...
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👍 Perfection is the enemy of good: “added Bluetooth means that the Nano X can readily be used with mobile devices, which has been a pain point for many users of the company’s current wallet, the Ledger S. Much of the world primarily uses mobile computing” https://...