⧉infominer 25-Aug-18 10:37 PM
Success! Got a Neutrino Bitcoin light client and #LightningNetwork node running on this $10 marvel.
⧉infominer 27-Aug-18 03:03 AM
How To: Raspberry Pi PirateBox PirateBox on Raspberry Pi is a self-contained mobile communication and file sharing device.
⧉infominer 08-Sep-18 07:26 PM
P4wnP1 is a highly customizable USB attack platform, based on a low cost Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero W (required for HID backdoor).
⧉infominer 27-Sep-18 11:53 PM
Raspberry Pi Network Security Monitoring Scripts to setup and install Bro IDS, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Critical Stack on any device.
⧉infominer 30-Sep-18 11:31 PM
Cryptocurrency guides by Stadicus. Contribute to Stadicus/guides development by creating an account on GitHub.
Beginner’s Guide to ️⚡Lightning️⚡ on a Raspberry Pi
⧉infominer 09-Dec-18 12:24 AM
I just built a @Trezor emulator on @Raspberry_Pi and it's beautiful! https://t.co/GtKD9YpHga #Bitcoin #hacking
⧉infominer 13-Feb-19 08:09 PM
As part of my TinkPhone project (see: TinkPhone: Project Synopsis - Raspberry Pi Smart Phone), I want to test out various mobile operating systems. My current favorites are KDE Plasma Mobile and Ubuntu Touch. For this blog post, I'll focus on KDE Plasma Mobile.KDE Plasma Mobi...