It’s Not About Me

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The research and work involved to create this site are what I’ll consider my higher education (and there are many related projects that will tie into it). The value I gain from building it is certain to be incredibly beyond the time and effort required.

I had originally planned to throw myself into learning trading over this past winter, but instead got caught up in static site development, working with data, etc.

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Motivational Rant

You might think that I’m smart or special, but I’ll tell you that being smart or special never got me anywhere in life.

The truth is boring:

This is a ton of work and I do nothing else.

There are so many opportunities in tech. I’ve only spent the last year really dedicated to learning blockchain deeply, with the intent to cultivate a well-rounded knowledge of surrounding fields, along with the history of computing.

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is. But its probably not much more than any university student, and surely less than many of them.

I am amazed by the transformation I’ve undergone after a relatively short amount of time.

I would encourage everyone to devote as much time and energy to studying tech as possible. Every technical skill we learn makes us that much more valuable as a user of the web.

I’m pretty sure, that in a few years, after the world catches up, the opportunities may not be as abundant. At the very least, it won’t be as simple to create content like what I do, after many others people follow suit with their own versions skyscraper publishing. (as I will leave detailed instructions for over at

Use the Digital Tools

Learning how to publish on GitHub is a gateway to learning code.

Even if you don’t wanna code, knowing how to use GitHub means you can participate in open-source projects, and learning to publish web content for free on a platform for collaborative\open-source development is AWESOME!!! (not even that hard!!!!!!)

There are plenty of ways to cultivate value, simply by learning technical tools, without the need to write software.

It’s Not About Me

I’m not interested in writing about myself. The story of my life might be interesting to some people, but at this point would offer little practical value to the world.

I’m not awesome, horrible, crazy, or admirable… ok, so really all of those words could be used to describe me in various moments.

I’m just seizing this opportunity where tech is so young, to leave my mark on the internet, and create a new life.

This opportunity is particularly abundant, since the masses are still headed off to the debt machine rather than seizing their own destiny.

Especially with Blockchain and Crypto-Tech, the opportunity is even greater. Especially if you are interested in learning, many profitable opportunities arise.

I believe that within 4 years, give or take, I will have learned enough simply by following my passion and creating this resource, that I will have learned enough to earn a comfortable living. It won’t be necessary to monetize this site at all. Not to say that I’m opposed to earning money.

In fact, in conjunction with, I’ll be sharing my web-work journey. So that anyone who is following along, has the interest, and some time on their hands, should be able to learn these valuable skills that have me so excited.

Growing Up

I’ve loved computers since I was young, as the digital world was transitioning from BBS’s and local freenets to Compuserve, AOL, and JUNO.

I always considered myself a skilled operator of computers, but wasn’t disciplined enough to learn any programming languages, tho I made a few starts at it. When I was young, I had no conception of how the internet would change the world, and never got serious about tech. Though I’m definitely a computer-nerd and a dreamer from way back.

Generally speaking, using a computer is pretty straighforward. I’ve learned all of it just by clicking around, and searching google. But I started from a young age, and that was 30 years ago…. or something like that.

A seeker of truth.

From an early age, I held passionate beliefs, and realized that firm beliefs required a firm intellectual basis.

What I learned was that there was no firm intellectual basis for the beliefs I so passionately embraced. Rather, the firmest intellectual foundation I could grasp was entirely opposed to nearly everything I was taught by family and society, including my own self-asserted beliefs.

As a big reader from a young age, it was easy for me to see that the educational system was just as baseless as everything else I was raised to believe in. I quickly realized, that any faith in the government as a benevolent actor was just as unfounded as believing in the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy.

While my youth was intellectually stimulating, it suffered socially. As a result, I really had no glue sticking me to the herd.

From there I disengaged as much as possible from the path where you’re expected to go into a bunch of debt to become a dutiful taxpayer, make babies, and keep your hedges trimmed.

It's tough for dreamers.
The meaning of ignorance is bliss.

Dropping Out

I saw everything as pointless, including activism where you can clearly see that “the system” has a built-in defense mechanism protecting it from meaningful remediation.

What is the point to living in a world built on lies intended to create slaves who think they are free? Where children are strong-armed into taking on insurmountable debt, and choosing what to should do with their life before they know anything about the world.

Then make sure it takes every ounce of energy to survive and potentially thrive. That way no-one has any thought or energy for personal development, or to take a moment of self-reflection.

A self-reflective populous is threatening to unjust authorities.

Go to church, take some prescriptions, watch tv, pay your taxes… oh yeah, and by the way, will you feed your children our industrial waste products if we make them look and taste sort of like food?

Turning On

So I smoked weed, drank booze, dropped acid and participated in all sorts of activities with a visceral benefit, under no duress or under the influence of any web of lies, but the ones I told myself.

I went feral, was regularly intoxicated, and my intellectual development largely suffered. I will say that I had some breakthroughs during that time, and experienced many incredible things.

However, my addictions and mental state deteriorated to the point where I wasn’t much good to anyone, after a while.

It’s like every movie about youthful adventure, in the beginning everything is awesome, but habits escalate and have negative consequences (potential\probable death) for anyone who refuses to get out while the getting is good.

Leo losing his mind in the Jungle
Leo losing his mind in the Jungle

Digital Transformation

A couple years ago, embarking upon a considerable life transition, I began practicing content creation. I figured that since I love reading more than anything else, I can make a career out of reading, somehow.

To begin with, writing seemed the most likely route.

So I began learning best practices, following information to its source, properly citing images and information, creative commons, markdown, HTML, going over the top and making better resources than what’s currently available, etcetera.

I also became disgusted with the quality of content overall, on the web. So I started making the resources that would have made my life so much easier had they existed when I first started studying. I’ve always had a special ability to focus on topics of interest whos whose veracity is important to me.

The funny thing is, Our cells are completely regenerating every seven years.
…and yet we always remain quintessentially ourselves.

When I began creating content for hire, around the start of 2018, it was very important to me to be as accurate as possible with everything I write. Especially considering I knew nothing about any of these subjects before I began writing, I needed sources for everything.

I advertised blockchain research, because I had already come into some gigs like that before I started freelancing. I also advertised research articles (no shilling unless it’s super legit and educational) about Blockchain and Data Science. I wrote quite a lot of that, though plenty was ghostwritten and I have no way of knowing what became of most of it.

My clients during that time had a considerable influence on what I learned, but it was a good introduction to the crypto market and tech at large. Since I gave up working at that lame freelancing site, I’ve dedicated myself completely to curation and creating my own content via GitHub pages.

Basically, I traded in all of my shitty habits for an addiction to studying crypto, and creating educational content.


The deeper I’ve learned about Bitcoin, and its roots, the more at home I’ve felt in this community. I relate particularly to the cypherpunk\cyberpunk ideologies. I recall as a kid coming across cyberpunk propaganda, though I didn’t know it by that name. I do remember coming across stuff from Cult of the Dead Cow, and all sort of juvenile, yet substantive, literature.

This is our world now… the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn’t run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. by +++The Mentor+++ \/\The Conscience of a Hacker/\/

I know anonymity isn’t in fashion.. I heard because some anon’s were jealous that newbs using their real name could earn more than them even though less qualified.

Also in the beginning people were anon out of fear that the govt would persecute Bitcoiners.. so where that is obviously not happening and it’s more legitimized, then yes more people want their name associated with it.

Maybe it was just fashionable in the early days and it’s less so now… I don’t really care about the fashion.

Throughout my life, any efforts I’ve made towards self-promotion or drawing attention to myself backfired and only led to frustrations, and ego nurturing behavior.

Like many others, I fell victim to the idea that being famous or popular is desirable, which now I see as an unhealthy tendency.

Over it!!!!

Rather than try to promote my own self as a product, I will make a product around sharing information so compelling that it simply can’t be ignored.

I also think it’s really cool to be judged on the quality of my work, rather than my physical appearance, or resume.

Besides which, I’m pretty sure more and more people will choose a similar path in the coming years. I think most are aware of the risks of having all of their personal information available to any casually curious browser, and their every waking moment analysed by a multitude of bots and sensors.

Revolutionary Day-Job?

Leaning into the Bitcoin Revolution.

I think it’s incredible… because I’ve been an anarchist for a while, but I never thought it was something you could make a living with. Bitcoin makes it possible. If you object to privately owned and operated central banks silently overthrowing your government, while pretending to work for the government, there’s no need to fight them! (not that you really could) Just work to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin, and other state-resistant technologies.

That’s it!

This page is what you’ll get as far as anything “about me” goes.

Otherwise, you can learn elsewhere about my services, I will include instructionals on many of the technologies I use, and even provide performance metrics so you can track my progress and see how well information collecting does for organic search traffic. :p

Beyond that, I’m interested that information surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency becomes easier for people to learn and know about, by providing a birds-eye view of the industry, along with every link possible to the close-up detail.

That has certain value, let’s go with that.

Thanks for reading.


It's Not About Me.
This Website is Not About Me!