InfoHub Transformed

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Welcome !!!

Regular Visitors will have noticed that things have changed around here, quite a bit!

For ease of navigation, enhanced growth potential, and in support of their original collaborative intent, I have split my github repositories into 4 organizations.

New Organizational Structure

Now all of my content, and forked repositories, are divided among 4 organizations and my user account. Part of the benefit of arranging them so, is that I can make use of multiple custom domains, which the other repositories build off of like they have

This also makes them less about me, and hopefully these organizations will grow their own communities of participants who also enjoy the educational experience of creating and maintaining these resources.

Now that they are in organizations, perhaps someone will come along wanting to lead further development of one of these repos. Since its all committed to the public-domain, I have some hope for any number of contributors in the time to come.

My user account still hosts this website, and my github portfolio which I haven’t dug into deeply with the new changes.

Info Squared

4 Organizations

These links lead to the posts, also found via my homepage. This way, I can announce updates, and show off featured content, for each of the organizations, as they develop.

There are a few more web-sites under development, which you can discover by browsing the Organizations on GitHub.