In August of 2018, I began collecting links related to blockchain, in the channels of a discord server, which rapidly multiplied. At the time, I advertised content creation services on a popular freelance site, attracting mostly enterprise blockchain types.

Personally, I never found permissioned blockchains very interesting. However, I enjoy getting paid to learn. I also appreciate learning about the market through the eyes of my clients.

I’m a Bitcoiner at heart, but that doesn’t stop me from being interested in blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Since ‘blockchain’ is such a massive space, I began by studying the history surrounding Bitcoin. For me, it’s important to understand the events and conditions leading to Bitcoin, before presuming to know anything about cryptocurrency.

I’m almost caught up enough to take a solid stab at the actual history of Bitcoin, which naturally leads to the history of cryptocurrency. It’s quite likely that I’ll explode into stardust, once I begin working on the years since 2017.

Before all that happens, I’d like to have a site dedicated to Bitcoin only, early 2020.

After a year and a half of full-time dedicated curation, I’ve decided to drop the discord servers, and move on to more sophisticated tools.



Bitcoin History


Around a year ago, I started making transcripts for content that I felt was too valuable to be left in audio format only. More recently, starting with Mark Miller and David Chaum, I’ve started going wild adding links for more information on the discussed topics.