I began practicing content creation, in 2017. What I have here is all from 2018, and doesn’t reflect the developments of that practice throughout 2019. My best work, remains unpublished, or is owned by someone else. I primarily create long-form, information-dense, educational content and histories.

1800 words enough space to get into detail, but really 2300-2500 gives the text some room to breath. However many words I’m called upon to write, I must continually prune as I go, in hopes of not overshooting, too far, the requested word-count. There’s always more to the story than will fit on a given page.

The foundation of my craft is extensive research for reliable sources of information. I’m interested in all forms of technological disintermediation, including the rise of computing, ai, cryptography and the world wide web.

I really like to take my time, and thoroughly research a given subject. All the same, deadlines get things done, as otherwise I’d study, proof and polish, ad infinitum.

Cornerstone content, skyscraper content, book chapters… I’ve written a good deal for online courses, as well.

For the past year, I’ve stayed busy gathering sources, and prototyping long-form. I do expect to have some fresh copy ready around the springtime. Until then, the following will give you an idea of my style.

Bitcoin History

Crypto 101 - Shorts