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In August of 2018 I began collecting resources in the growing number of channels in the SourceCrypto Discord Server. My ultimate goal is to index all the types of information related to Bitcoin.

I drop links there on the fly, to use later as the foundation of long-form content, and entire web-sites have grown from this simple task.

There always are links in the server that haven’t been merged to the web-site, and also links in the channels that havent made it organized to their eventual home…

Depending upon the topic you’re interested in, the channels of SourceCrypto could be a good place to start.

Bitcoin History

I’m fascinated by all the history surrounding Bitcoin. I’m fascinated by all the history of computing and the internet, but especially any aspects related to Bitcoin in some fashion.

I’ve found it easier to understand blockchain and cryptocurrency, going back over their histories… cryptography, one-way hash functions, public key encryption… Important to recall is that state suppression of cryptography is the #1 cause of blockchain mania.

It took Bitcoin to get governments to go along with crypto-innovations, for the public anyhow. From the beginning of the digital age, industry was discouraged from becoming too creative with cryptography. For example, in the US and allied nations, have been strict export controls on encryption unless the government could crack it.

Now Bitcoin has forced the hand of industry and the state, to try and catch up with the cypherpunk tech. This is very much like Phil Zimmerman releasing of PGP in 1991.

»»» So now that we’ve all lost our minds over crypto. »»»

Bitcoin History - Featured