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3 months analytics data [infominer.id](https://infominer.id)
3 months of Analytics Data infominer.id

Hooray! I created this website at the beginning of the year, and it was my first time publishing a complete web-page… even if it was only a couple clicks, and a few paragraphs to start.

I started this journey trying to figure out how to earn online. While that’s still a big part of it, I’m beginning to realize that I just need to keep learning digital tools, and grow my skillset.

I’m grateful to have enough runway where I can work at building this foundation, as though I’m in my own self-taught university.

Web-work.tools is where I save information for my own personal reference, and for anyone else who finds it useful. As time goes on it will include more step-by-step howtos for various sticky situations through our web-working journey.

It will also include content from other creators (such as @by_caballero) who are interested in participating with this open-source educational effort. Incidentially Juan was the spark that inspired this recent transformation by inquiring about an organization for DIDecentral.


This is the organization on GitHub I created for the organization of these resources.



All Your Webwork Tools Are Belong To Us.



All Your Webwork Tools Are Belong To Us.
Web-work.tools for an Indieweb

This is an interesting new subject that I have begun to obsessively study. Indieweb is all about taking control of your content, and using various (w3c) specifications to communicate from website to website, syndicate content from social media sites directly to your web-site, and all kinda stuff I’m just beginning to grok.

This is a little complicated because we are on github, where every change needs to be pushed to the repository and approved by me. If you run a wordpress website, there are plugins that make it easy to set up.

I think its important to learn, use and promote all systems for a decentralzied web. That is if we really care about something besides idea of getting rich from crypto.